ChangeHealth Care (CYBER ATTACK) Affecting Prescription Purchases!

On Wednesday, 2/21/2024, Change Healthcare, part of UnitedHealth Group, suffered a cyber security attack from a suspected nation-state per its SEC filing. Among other services, Change Healthcare supports the routing of prescription claims from pharmacies to PBMs. In response to said attack, Change Healthcare disconnected its prescription routing service to limit impact. As of2/26/2024 at 8:04AM EST, the outage persists. Change Healthcare expects the disruption to “last at least through the day.”

For clarification, MedOne systems and data were not the target of the cyber security attack. MedOne systems were not affected or impacted. At this time, there is no indication that MedOne systems or data have been compromised. Claims that can be successfully routed from a pharmacy to MedOne will correctly process.  As a result of the above, pharmacies may be unable to process MedOne member prescriptions through insurance.

If your pharmacy is having issues processing your claims, there are a few steps you can take to obtain access to your medication:

  1. If you have adequate medication supply or your situation is not urgent, please wait 24 hours and call your pharmacy to check the status of your medication.
  2. Please ask your pharmacy about paying cash for your prescription. You may consider a reduced days’ supply to limit your out of pocket spend. Please keep your receipts and complete a Direct Member Reimbursement form (located on MedOne’s website) and submit to MedOne to receive reimbursement for any covered medications that are paid for without utilizing insurance. Plan limitations apply.
  3. For any critical case where the above steps will not suffice, please contact the MedOne Member Advocate Team at 866-335-9057 for assistance and the MedOne team will work with you to explore options to obtain access.

MedOne is committed to ensuring access to care for members and apologizes for any inconvenience members may experience. For escalated member issues, MedOne has an Emergency Response Team to assist members in securing their emergency medications during this outage.  We are actively monitoring the outage to keep abreast of adjudication status and downstream impact. Please contact the MedOne Member Advocate Team at 866-335-9057 with any questions.

Thank you,
MedOne Pharmacy Benefit Solutions