Schedule A Biometric Screening Today!

This year the NECA Local No.145 IBEW Welfare Plan will be offering an on-site Biometric screening at Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility.  This is free to the participant and their eligible spouse.   Also, an eligible spouse must sign up separately from the participant and choose their own location and time of screening and have their own email address.  If you and/or your eligible spouse plan on attending one of the Biometric Screenings, you can coordinate a flu shot to be given at your screening appointment for you and your dependents age 2 and up.  Also, if you are age 65 & over and want the special high dose flu-shot you will be able to choose that while scheduling your appointment as well.  It is important to wear appropriate clothing that should be easy to remove, this way you will not need to get undressed for the shot.

If you do not want a Biometric Screening and would like to schedule a flu-shot you can click on this FLU-SHOT ONLY link and it will take you to a separate scheduling page for a  flu shot only.  Limited Time Slots Available in MAQUOKETA IA ONLY!

Below is the name and address of the Maquoketa, IA location.  When you click on a location it will open up it’s scheduling page where you MUST complete the process to finalize your screening appointment.  The location has time slots that accept two people for every screening appointment time.  Remember, participants and eligible spouses must register separately and choose their own location and screening time.