Medical Advocate Program (MAP)

The Medical Advocate Program (MAP) was previously added to your welfare benefits.  MAP provides you with a valuable resource to obtain information to assist in selecting providers and facilities for your healthcare needs.  This program is totally voluntary, and many of you have benefited from using it.

We are enhancing the program to an “Incentive Guided” program.  We believe in this program so strongly that, if you contact MAP when your doctor recommends that you have certain diagnostic tests and before scheduling the tests, you may be eligible to receive a $100.00 deposit from the Fund into your Health Reimbursement Account.

The tests involved are:   CT Scans

In order to qualify for the $100.00 incentive, you must both call MAP to request information concerning their recommendations for facilities to use, AND you must have your test performed at one of those facilities.

Surprisingly, there is a huge variation in the cost of having these procedures.  As we look to better manage plan costs and encourage plan participants to take a more active role in your own health care decisions, we reviewed MAP’s capabilities to assist in the process.  Their staff is very helpful, and can assist you in many ways as you navigate through the healthcare system.  They will provide you with:

  • Information concerning physicians who perform the test you will be having, including education, complication rates,
    mortality rates and volume history; and
  • Facility information based on quality of care and cost for specific procedures.

It is our goal as Trustees of your health plan to ensure that we provide you with the latest tools to assist you in managing your healthcare needs.  Your voluntary cooperation in using MAP for the tests described above will benefit not only the Fund through reduced costs, but more importantly, it will benefit you directly.

Click on the play button below to view a video from the Medical Advocate Program (MAP).  This video gives a summary of this program and how it can benefit you and your family. You can also click on the link to the right to go directly to their website. Medical Advocate Program(MAP).